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Real Talk Reggaeton

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Franco ‘El Gorila’ Feat. Wisin & O’Neill - Duelo

With Franco’s album release coming soon, they decided to release a track from the album and premiere it tonight.  Franco features Wisin & O’Neill on a track that after hearing the preview I knew was going to be hot.  O’Neill does a great job on the chorus as usual, Wisin added his style and doesn’t dissapoint. Franco’s verses were on point, and overall the album looks promising.  On the production is Chris Jedai, Hi-Flow & Hyde ‘El Verdadero Quimico’. Enjoy!

Goldiel & Naldy - Nadie Lo Sabra (Video)

Goldiel & Naldy just released a video to their track Nadie Lo Sabra.  The video is chill and definitely fits with how the song is.  The quality is great on this as well, and if you liked the original song, the video is definitely a good watch. Enjoy!

Cheka - La Descontrola

Cheka decides to hop on the list of premieres tonight with ‘La Desctontrola’ produced by Saga Neutron. He’s been working ALOT lately with Saga and his previous tracks have come out pretty good. Cheka’s been working on what is said to be his last project ‘Leyenda’, and it seems as though Saga’s been his predominant producer for that. As for the song it’s hot, Cheka never dissapoints, and Saga did his thing on the beat. This might be my favorite of the tracks he’s released with Saga. I’ve always been a fan of Cheka and his music, so if you enjoy what he’s released as of late, check it out and enjoy.

J King & Maximan Feat. Ñengo Flow - Siente

Little by little, the big premieres are starting to release.  We’ve got J King and Maximan featuring Ñengo Flow on a pretty dope perreo called ‘Siente’.  This track will be featured on J King & Maximan’s mixtape ‘Querian Perreo?’.  J King did pretty good on the hook/chorus, Maximan did well and Ñengo Flow never dissapoints. Overall a solid track.  On the production is Zoprano, who’s worked with El Joey, and Gaby Music. Hot beat, and  hot track. Check it out and enjoy!

Johnny Prez & Pedro Prez - Mi Gata

The comebacks of both Johnny Prez & Pedro Prez looks pretty official, because they just release another track called Mi Gata.  I was a huge fan of Johnny Prez back in the day, and I’m glad he’s back to making music. As for this track, I think it’s better than the track the previously released. Johnny Prez kept the chorus catchy and Pedro Prez did his thing on the verses. The beat is pretty hot and kinda reminds me of the older beats a bit.  On the production are very underrated producers Los Trans4merz.

Farruko Feat. Daddy Yankee - Gatas, Bocinas & Bajo

Farruko yet again drops another track, this time with none other than Daddy Yankee.  This track had a preview not too long ago, and the final just released.  This track is dope.  Farruko killed it on the chorus, Daddy Yankee did a dope job on this as well. This might be my favorite track that Musicologo & Menes have dropped to date, but that’s just my opinion. The beat was sick, the chorus, the verses, everything was dope. Check it out for yourselves and enjoy!

De La Ghetto - Romper La Discoteca

De La Ghetto announced that he would be dropping this track via iTunes today, and here it is. It’s a dope perreo track that from De La Ghetto produced by Live Music.  These are my favorite type of tracks that De La Ghetto does, and he killed it on this one.  Verses were on point, catchy chorus as well. Overall a dope song. Check it out and Enjoy!

Farruko Feat. Opi - Volvere

Seems like Farruko doesn’t plan on stopping to drop song after song. He continues his streak by dropping a track featuring Opi.  It’s a pretty good Hip-Hop track that both of these guys did pretty well on. Farruko whores autotune like he usually does, but then again who doesn’t these days? Opi’s starting to make some noise in the music scene, and if you’ve been a fan of either of these guys music, you’ll definitely find this track appealing.  Solid track. Check it out and Enjoy!

Xcelencia - Gravedad (Exclusive Premiere)

Ladies and Gentlemen I’m proud to present to you, what is the next hit of our upcoming Mixtape, ‘La Nueva Generacion’.  Xcelencia, one of the most hard working artists coming up in the genre drops a dope perreo track called Gravedad produced by Lelo ‘El Androide’ and Xcelencia himself! Xcelencia showcases an incredible yet unique flow both rapping and singing.  The intro to this song was impressive, the verses were on point and overall it’s another hit.  The production on this track was exceptional.  The transitions in the beat, and the dembow all flowed extremely well. I highly recommend you all check this one out and share it with your friends!

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Nejo - Esa Pelicula

Here we have Nejo unfortunately not with Dalmata on this track produced b Dj Elecktric. This is better than his recent solo tracks. For a minute I thought it was gonna be a Hip-Hop type track, but I was pleased to hear it was Reggaeton. Give this one a listen, and hopefully we won’t have to wait long to hear Nejo & Dalmata  again.